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The Project: Web Design + Web Development

For this project, we started with designs for both Desktop and Mobile view but overtime evolved and eventually helped develop the entire Web product.

Taking a Product From Desktop To Mobile

To kick things off, we held a full-day workshop to paint a clear picture of what this mobile app needed to achieve, including Shajao must-have product requirements. We used a variety of exercises to understand our audience and their goals and to develop a UX strategy that would meet the needs of app users.

From Canvas to Concept

Converting successful software like Shajao into an easy-to-use Web requires collaboration—with the client and their customers. To kick-start the process, we held a sketching session with the Shajao team to gain insight into their ideal app and what they viewed as must-have product requirements. During this session, Shajao design team collaborated closely with 6sense to create visuals that could be used for mobile inspiration. These sketching sessions allowed us to get everyone on the same page before developing wireframes.

Crafting the Experience

Once wireframes were developed, we shared them with real users to clearly identify the most crucial aspects of the app and test our assumptions. During user interviews, we uncovered the key tasks that users wanted to be able to accomplish without accessing their desktops. We promptly modified and improved the wireframes based on this kind of feedback and the data we collected from user testing.

Mobile Web View Design & Key Features

Valuable Information at a Glance

It was important to Shajao and to the users we interviewed that the app be useful on the go. We designed a mobile experience that conveyed the most important information in a way that was easy to access between meetings and while traveling.

Monitor Pipeline Activity

Our user testing found that metrics and lead activity played an important role in the user experience. Shajao customers like to track the time their clients spend on individual pages in a proposal. So we designed frames that made it easy for users to see which pages their leads were viewing and gauge the effectiveness of particular sections in a proposal.

Through collaboration, we identified key priorities and designed a mobile experience that delivers on both user expectations and business goals.

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